At SA368, we’re sports enthusiasts and leaders in online sports betting with a wide range of markets available across the world’s biggest sports events. If you love sport and sports betting, you’re in the perfect place. We offer live in-play betting so you can get stuck in as the action unfolds, and

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At SA368, we’re sports enthusiasts and leaders in online sports betting with a wide range of markets available across the world’s biggest sports events. If you love sport and sports betting, you’re in the perfect place. We offer live in-play betting so you can get stuck in as the action unfolds, and the cash-out option across our sports markets could earn you a tidy sum and avoid the potential of last-gasp heartbreak.


Getting into sports betting online can be daunting, especially if you have little to zero experience in sports betting of any type to begin with. There are plenty of sports and thousands of markets to choose from on any given day. Where to begin? Which sport should you follow? What would betting guide be most suited to your technique and goals?

Our betting guide for sports bettors is an excellent place to start. We explain to you how to get started with sports betting at the right betting provider and go through great tips on how you can attain the most out of your sports betting sessions, make again and enjoy consistent victories over time.


In 1996, soccer teams Hereford United and Tottenham Hotspur played each other in an FA Cup replay. There was nothing extraordinary about the game at all, but it still had a substantial impact on the history of sports betting.

What's the reason? Because the first ONLINE sports bet was placed on this game at the first online betting site. Intertops, which is still operating, took a $50 bet from a Finnish customer. The online betting industry was introduced, and wagering on sports would never be the same again.

It didn't take long for online sports betting to blow up. It became trendy instantly. Now, millions of people use the internet to place their bets. The online betting industry produces billions of dollars each year, and its popularity presents no signs of slowing down.

The industry has undergone many changes since that first online bet was placed. Progress in technology and some incredible innovations are why it goes on with growing so rapidly. We're thrilled to witness what the future of online betting beholds.


With plenty of sports betting sites available on the web in the present, making the correct choice is critical. For every excellent betting provider, like SA368, there at least half a dozen that are shady.

There are a number of ways which you can approach discovering and selecting a good sportsbook. One way is to know what opinions sports bettors have about a particular site. Another is to read in-depth, non-biased feedbacks on all the best sports betting sites currently accessible. It is also a great idea to select more than one site to sign up with. Being a part of a half dozen or so sports betting sites will lend you far greater scope and will let you get the greatest odds on any event possible.


A secondary aspect of selecting a good sports betting provider is looking closely at their bonus offers. With so many contests between various betting sites, each has to rely significantly on persuading new players through bonus offers. As an outcome, you can often discover great value in betting via a bonus offer.

This is extremely useful if the site in question proposes a no deposit bonus such as a cashback or a free bet on your first bet with them. In trade, all you have to do is sign up to qualify. This will provide you with an impressive opportunity to field test the betting site without losing any of your money in the process.


Having your feet wet with a free bet or two is an excellent way to get an introduction to sports betting online. However, if you want to win at betting on sports over the long term, getting an excellent grounding in the basics of sports betting is required.

There is no denying that sports betting is about mathematics as it is about gut instincts and thorough analysis. Every bet, no matter how easy or complex, circulates odds. You must understand how those odds are arrived at, how various odds work and how to read different odds types, including decimal, fractional and American odds.

Odds represent a probability percentage, and knowing how to work out your possible earnings by multiplying odds with your stake is crucial. This basic knowledge of how different odds work and reading them will give you the confidence you always need to find the value bets, overall sports betting sites.


While it might be enticing to try your luck with a five-leg accumulator gamble on the weekend's UEFA Champion's League on the weekend, it may be a bridge too far. This is particularly true if you are still a beginner at online sports betting.

Complex bets like accumulators (ACCA bets or combo bets) and system bets may be very appealing, but they do take great skill and experience to pull off successfully. It is far more beneficial to instead start with single bets, which are much simpler to comprehend and, therefore, much simpler to make.

As the name implies, these bets are simple and rely on a single choice, usually win or lose, as in a two-way chance. However, single bets could also feature three different decisions, such as beating, drawing, or losing options seen in a basic three-way bet.


Before you start on sports betting, you should determine whether it's right for you. The possible rewards are very appealing, but some risks must be taken into consideration too. Asking these questions to yourself should help.

  • Do you have an addictive personality?
  • Can you afford to lose money?
  • Are you comfortable with taking chances?
  • Do you like sports?

If you responded yes to the first question, then the rest are irrelevant. If you have an addictive tendency, then you shouldn't be thinking about gambling at all in our perspective. The same also applies if you answered no to the second question. If you can't afford to lose cash, then you really shouldn't be putting it at stake. This is just common sense.

Say that you don't have an addictive personality and that you do have a couple of money you could afford to lose, the next two questions are the key ones. If you're cool with taking chances, and you like sports, then there's an excellent chance that'll you love sports betting. We can't ENSURE that you will, but it would be worth the try. Just ensure that you approach sports betting with your eyes wide open. Keep in mind that losing money is the most likely result, so you must be prepared for it. If you're highly interested in earning money in the long run, remember that this will take a lot of time and effort. Do NOT assume to start winning instantly because that won't happen.

Final Thoughts: Beginners Luck Takes Hard Work!

As complex as sports betting can be, it can be just as simple too. It all boils down to what style you play sports betting as a novice. While few people prefer to jump in the deep end, wishing to swim, taking the slow, careful and analytical method will often yield better outcomes. By using our guide to sports betting, you will definitely give yourself the best possible chance for long-term victory.

You need to be betting online on the sports you have the most knowledge bout makes the most sense, but there are also other considerations. Such as the sharpness of the market as well as the availability of profitable betting opportunities. Bettors need to always look to seek out inefficient markets to find value.

Theoretically, the sky is the limits as to how much you can win. Realistically, trying to make a living at sports betting is incredibly hard but possible. The market is still viable, however, getting your bet sizes limited is a major problem once you start to become profitable.

With that being said, sports betting is scalable. If you’re a profitable gambler and could beat the best sportsbooks online (no easy task), you would likely make a considerable amount of money before your limits are cut and if you can beat certain sportsbooks your limits might not get cut at all.

No one should get into learning sports betting with the goal to bet for a living. Instead, focus on looking for value in the lines as well as building your bankroll. For most people, it could be an excellent side income. If you’re successful for a few years and making excellent money, then maybe it’s time to consider doing it professionally.

Line shopping is important due to it being the best way to find value in the market. As a sports bettor, you're going to make plenty of money off spotting inefficiencies. Most importantly, line shopping always assures you will get the best price available on each of your bets, which adds up tremendously long term.

The answer to that also depends on the oddsmaker you’re going up against, as some are far more knowledgeable about particular sports. Usually, however, American football is considered to be one of the most difficult, as its popularity makes certain that oddsmakers pay good attention to the betting lines.

Odds are typically posted between 12-20 hours prior to a game for daily sports and between 6 and 7 days prior to a game for weekly sports. Periodically, while awaiting injury or other such news, games will be ‘Off the Board’.

Yes. While a few books will have a detailed list of the maximum limits every sporting event as well as for each type of bet, others will list maximum every day winnings. In the case of the latter, it’s up to you to figure out your maximum stake based on the odds. If there’s a daily maximum of $100,000, you don’t want to bet more than you need to, as you will be capped at the posted payout limit.